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LIFE | A Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

This is the last picture of us before we officially became new parents.  

The moment they rushed Vince out of the room to change and they began prepping me for an emergency C-Section, I became hysterical and stopped breathing. As soon as he returned he grabbed my hand, looked into my eyes and told me everything would be ok. I took a deep breath and struggled to see him through all the tubes and tears as his mom snapped this picture as escorted everyone else out of the room.

Everything that followed is a blur. My sobs became a background noise as they lifted a curtain and strapped my arms down. The pressure from the incision was painless, yet terrifying. Everything moved so fast and the clinking of the tools slightly dampened the sound of the doctor's urgent commands. 

The last things I remember hearing that afternoon: A baby crying, the doctor announcing "it's a girl!" (We had decided not to find out the gender until birth), and Vince asking "Is she going to be OK?"

Then everything went black. 

HOME | The Most Amazing Shower Cleaner in the World

Ok, so this is really embarrassing. I swear my tub never looks like this. 
Only it totally did. For like, 2 months after the most ridiculous camping trip ever.

TECH | Tricks & Treats from #HalloweenHangout on Google+

After attending a great G+ Hangout this morning I learned some really great tricks for making Halloween a little more fun, delicious and safe.